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       AURANGABAD JAVA GROUP.              

The Group

The Aurangabad Java Group is meant for getting together all Java people, to share their knowledge and ideas , to help each other and explore our capabilities.

The historic city of Aurangabad had four engineering colleges and many more science  colleges offering education in IT . The aim of the group is to get all the students from these colleges and open a common discussion forum.

How it Works

The working is very simple. You first have to join the list and confirm your subscription on replying the email we will be sending you.Thats all !! Now you can send your queries,doubts to Aurangabad-Java@topica.com

Your queries will be automatically send to all the subscribed members.You can also reply or comment on other posts.Thus on subscription you will get all the questions from different users and answers to these questions.

You can also very easily unsubscribe by mailing Aurangabad-Java-unsubscribe@topica.com


Quick responses from members. Help you to increase your skill set. In touch of the latest technology.

You can ask any question and you will get an answer from our members.
You get in touch with our members who are professionals in IT industry in Mumbai and Pune.


Latest Technologies discussed.You can help others to get in touch with the latest trends.You can get the latest from other subscribers.

We believe in sharing of ideas and knowledge and thus increasing our knowledge.


Any one can become the member by joining the list. Java interested ?? You too can join .We have professionals and nonprofessionals from IT industry.

We are planning to increase the members as large as possible since more the members more the advantageous the list is.We appeal you to the list and be a part of it

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